Welcome to the official PAI ( Paruresis Association of India) website.

This site is provided as a resource for people who find it difficult or impossible to urinate in the presence of others, either in their own home or in public facilities. Also, for people who have difficulty under the stress of time pressure, when being observed, when others are close by and might hear them, or when traveling on moving vehicles.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. In fact, recent studies show that about seven percent (7%) of the public, or 90 million Indians (220 million worldwide), may suffer from this social anxiety disorder. Often referred to as Pee-Shy, Shy-Bladder, Bashful Bladder, etc., avoidant paruresis is nothing to be ashamed of, and you have made an important step simply by coming to this website.

On our pages, you will find helpful information about workshops. There is also a useful and friendly discussion board where you can share your problems and success — or just “listen in” — with others who have the same problem as you.

Please enjoy your visit to the PAI website. We hope it will enlighten you and help with overcoming shy bladder syndrome.

To visit our parent organization, the International Paruresis Association, please go to www.paruresis.org.

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